A Little History



Fredericton Kennel Club History

The Fredericton Kennel Club has a history dating back to 1920, when Robert and William Laskey organized a
group of dog lovers who were interested in promoting purebred dogs. Later that year Robert became Maritime
Director when the Canadian Kennel Club was formed.  The first Fredericton Kennel Club dog show was held that

By 1923, shows were also being held in Saint John, Halifax and Pictou. These early shows featured dogs in terms of four.  By 1970 there were 40 dog shows and in 1983 there were 60 dog shows in Atlantic Canada.

The FKC was not active during the war years, but was reactivated in 1947. In 1979, the Fredericton Kennel Club
was incorporated.

Presently, dog shows by the FKC are held yearly at the end of July.  In 2003, the Club changed from holding four
shows in two days to holding three shows in three days.  In 2006, the Club held an outdoor show at Casey's
Campground in Sheffield, NB with much success.  We will continue to bring popular Canadian judges as well as
world class judges to our shows.

The Fredericton Kennel Club Inc meets nine months our of the year to conduct the Club's business affairs, and often presents educational programs and dog health initiatives such as CERF Clinics for all dog lovers. Presently the club is offering Handling Classes, Canine Good Neighbor Programs, Cerf Clinics as well as responsible dog ownership.



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